Terms and Conditions


For CATEGORIES 1 to 11:

These categories are open to all the buildings and projects designed by any Fellow, Member or Associate Member of IAB and located within the territory of Bangladesh. The projects shall have to be built/realized and in use for minimum of 1 (one) year from the submission deadline of the current cycle.

Projects submitted earlier for IAB Awards but not selected may only be re- entered in two more Award cycles as long as they meet the requirements of the Awards.


–  The principal researcher/author/s must be architect/s and IAB member/s. 

– The topic of the research/publication should be related to the context of Bangladesh.

– The research is being conducted within the last five years. 

– The research/publication may be conducted by any individual/group/firm/university.

– The research may be funded by any organization.

Awards entrant(s) must be “Regular Member’ of IAB. Which means that his/her membership and other dues shall have to be paid up to date before the submission of the Awards.


a. By filling up the online entry form you confirms and agree to the IAB Awards Terms and Conditions of Entry which includes the policies and procedures applicable for the IAB Awards written in the IAB Gold Medal, IAB Awards & IAB Interior Design Awards Handbook 2020. 

b. By submitting an entry to the Awards, you are making a legal confirmation to the Institute that you have met all your copyright obligations and you agree to protect the Institute against all claims and disputes by third parties that may arise because of any copyright issues associated with the project. 

c. That you have the permission from the owner and/or client to submit the project in the Awards. And if needed you shall arrange permission to visit the project by the Jury Board Members or anyone from the IAB Awards team; 

d. That you and your practice authorize the Institute to use the submitted materials as needed for the Awards, including for publicity;  

e. The Institute has the sole discretion to refuse an entry or remove it from consideration for an award if the Institute is of the opinion that the entry:  

  • Does not comply with the Terms and Conditions of Entry. 
  • Is not consistent with the nature and spirit of the IAB Awards.

f. IAB reserves the right to revoke the award in the future due to any valid reason whatsoever.


Winning of any entry in no way legalizes its status, if it is found to be involved in any legal dispute or violation of any kind of statutory laws/regulations at any time. IAB has no legal standing/validity in such dispute/violation. IAB relies on personal declaration duly signed by the Entrant/Architect in the declaration form.