Submission Requirements


The submission portal will be open after one week from the date of the award program announcement. Any entrant may submit one or more projects directly via the online awards application portal only. Entrants are required to submit projects according to the official format. All forms and documents must be submitted online via the portal. No submissions via courier or email will be accepted. Each submission must comply with the scope of the award criteria and the right to participate stated above, and all required information shall be submitted for each project separately. There shall be no identification marks on the submitted design. 


a. Materials for CATEGORY 1 to 11

1. Project Data 

This section shall contain accurate information about each entry project such as: 

  • Project Name
  • Address
  • Total Cost
  • Total floor area 
  • Site area
  • Year of completion of construction 

2. Narrative Description 

In this section, the entrant must explain how the project excels and how it exceeds the normal requirements. The information provided should include project intentions, program requirements, contextual conditions, historical references and other information which will help the jury understand how and why your particular design is a superior solution for the given situation. The narrative description shall not exceed 500 words. 

3. Digital Panels

Maximum 03 (three) separate A1 size panels composed in landscape. These panels should be self-explanatory with required drawings, photographs, diagrams or texts. All the submitted panels shall not have the name(s) of member or his/her practice and must be anonymous including the file name. 

The A1 size panels shall be in JPG or PNG file format (up to 20 megabytes each and 9933 x 7016 pixels at 300 DPI) in RGB color format. Preserve your project files, if required IAB may request you to submit alternative dimensions and formats in future.

Following are the image and drawing requirements for the digital panels of a project:

Image Requirements

For category 1-8 &11 projects: 2 site/context views
4-6 different external views
3-4 interior views
For category 9-10 projects: 1-3 building/site before intervention
6-10 after intervention

Drawing requirements

Entrants are required to include between 1 and 6 high resolution drawings in the digital panels. Vector-based drawings, hand drawings/sketches and digital renders are acceptable. At least one floor plan must be included. Entrants are also encouraged to include the site plan, elevation(s) and section(s) where applicable. Also show the scale and north sign. 

4. Declaration

By filling up this declaration section and ticking on the I Agree box, the architect confirms and acknowledges that all the information that has been presented for the project are true and accurate and that there is no violation of applicable statutory rules/laws/building codes of Bangladesh.

Only this section shall have the author’s and the team member(s) name and all other submittals shall be anonymous. 

For category 1-11

  • Name(s) of the Author(s)
  • Name(s) of other Architect(s) in the team, if any
  • Name(s) of the Allied professional(s)
  • Name(s) of the Contractor(s) or builder(s)
  • Name(s) of the Client

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b. Materials for CATEGORY 12

1. General Information

– All information must be supplemented by authentication, where applicable.

– Copy of original Research (if applicable)/ Publication (Book) to be submitted in soft copy, which is applicable. 

– Additionally, at the end of this section, the responsible researcher/author must declare and acknowledge that all the information that has been presented is true and accurate. In case of any discrepancies of information, the respective research/publication submission may be cancelled. This information should be submitted alongside the report in a separate sheet.

2. Report for Sub-Category RESEARCH 

This Report shall contain

  1. Title of the Research:
  2. Degree Awarded for the research (if any):

Alternatively, are the results used for preparing a thesis or dissertation? If so give details.

  1. Duration of the Research:

(Mention starting and completion dates)

  1. Whether Published/accepted for publication in any Journal or in book form:

(If yes. Please give name, volume no and page no. of the Journal and enclose reprints)

  1. Abstract (Not exceeding 1000 words):
  2. Introduction (including literature survey, Not exceeding 750 words):

(Back Ground, Objectives and Aims, Expected Results, Rationale and Relevance of the Project to National Development, Scope of Research, Limitations of the Research, Literature Review)

  1. Methodology/Experiment (Not exceeding 500 words):
  2. Findings/Results and (Relevant data in tabular form, graphs, and charts should be included, wherever necessary, Not exceeding 2500 words):
  3. Discussion and Conclusion (750 words):
  4. Contribution to Architecture (500 words):
  5. Important References:

3. Report for Sub-Category PUBLICATION

This Report shall contain

  1. Title of the Book:
  2. Name and Address of Publisher:
  3. Date of publication: 
  4. ISBN Number, if any:
  5. Abstract (Not exceeding 1000 wards):
  6. The main theme/idea/argument (of the book) (Not exceeding 1000 words):
  7. Book structure and discussion in relation to the main theme (Not exceeding 1000 words):
  8. Conclusion (Not exceeding 300 words):
  9. Contribution to Architecture (500 words):

4. Submission Format

The report (A4 size) must be typed (All text: Arial font, size 10, line spacing 1.5, Title/Sub-title: Arial font, Bold, size 12) and bound. The report should be confined within 7-8 pages (excluding references) with the word limit of 6000 for Research and 3000 for Publication Category. The researcher/author may include necessary illustrations and photographs in the report.

The participants will submit filled up Information and Declaration section along with the brief report of the research or publication (for which he or she intends to participate) following the report structure stated above.


The project attributions in the description and the declaration form shall be used by the Institute in all publicity which includes all media materials, printing of Award certificates, and the Institute’s websites, galleries and digital and printed communications. The Institute does not accept responsibility for incorrect spelling of or missing project attributions submitted by entrants. The project attribution must be agreed and consented to by the author or the joint authors, and original author in case of existing works, before the entry is submitted. Only individual IAB members, not the practice, can give the necessary consent in relation to their authorship of the work.

NB: It is imperative that your photographer is credited in the image file name so that they are duly credited in promotional materials. 

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