1. I submitted my project yesterday and a screen popped up saying “Thank you for submission”. However, no email confirmation was sent to the email address that was provided in the form. Thank you.


There will be no confirmation email upon submission. Once your submission is complete, there will be a message “Thank you for submission”, which is indeed the confirmation of submission.

Category 1-11

1. We can select Dwelling, but how could We mention 1C or 1B


The options 1A/1B/1C have been added. If you have already submitted, we will edit and update your subcategory based on the project submitted.

Category 12

1. I am interested in submitting a project for the IAB awards in the Research Category. I had conducted a research in my Masters program last year, which I want to submit. Please let me know who I can contact regarding the eligibility of my particular research topic.

Secondly, the submission guidelines mention submitting a 7-8 page report on the research. If the research was published in a conference proceeding do I also have to submit that paper, in addition to the report?

Finally, can Associate Members participate in the IAB awards or is it only for full members?


1. Yes you can submit your research conducted for your Masters program.

2. The 7-8 page report is a form that you have to submit. But the main submission material is the actual paper’s softcopy in PDF format.

3. An associate member can submit. His/her IAB dues have to be paid and cleared.

2. Need clarification regarding submission of soft copy of the  Published book for the award competition. 

In the case of the published book  (print formate), what type of soft copy is to be submitted? Conventionally Hard Copy is wanted !!!

Book in any format will contain Author(s) name !!!


1. Softcopy of the published book has to be submitted in PDF format. Submission of this category is not Anonymous.

1. so for 12 submission, it is 7-8 pages  + pages with end notes and refefences, is that correct?

2. Do we attach the original paper? or web link to access it? Otherwise, its hard to see the arguments made in the research paper.


1. Submission materials, 

– 7-8 pages report

– main research softcopy in PDF format

– declaration form

2. Yes you have to attach the original paper’s softcopy in PDF format

1. Can an “associate member” participate in the “Category 12-Research” in this Competition of IAB Award?

2. Can I clear my due by any online payment system or by bkash?


1. An associate member can submit. His/her IAB dues have to be paid and cleared.

2. Yes you can.